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How much cabbage could you eat in four minutes?

The Cabbage Shed in Elberta, Michigan is proud to announce the 4th Annual Competitive Cabbage Eating Competition! The Cabbage Shed, which is named after the fact that the building used to house cabbage and produce from floor to ceiling, is showcasing its “leafy” heritage in this Benzie County Tradition.  

On July 3rd 2024 at 3pm a brave group of Benzie County residents will be competing to see who can eat the most cooked cabbage in four minutes.

Three Events

Kids Cabbage Eating Competition will start the festivities off as Benzie County Children will compete for the Lil Shedhead Belt and $50 cash. Following the kids round, the adults will take center stage. This year we will have a men’s division and a women’s division. First place will win $150, their name on the Cabbage Belt of Champions and bragging rights for the year. Concluding the cabbage eating competition, our DJ TJ will be spinning from his vast collection of vinyl records for our Vinyl Vednesday fun.

The Competitors

Coming back to claim his title as last year’s champion will be Raul “El Repollo” Torres for the men’s division.  For the lady’s division, Aubrey “Jawbs” Parker who ate over 2lbs of cabbage last year, and will try to maintain her claim to the lady’s belt of champions. In the kid’s division, Ainsley Myers will be competing to be the champion for a 3rd year in a row.  (This kid likes to eat ALL her veggies.) These competitors and more will introduce themselves to the crowd with their own walk out song, and “eater name.” Picture WWE wrestling, meets competitive eating, sprinkled with some Elberta magic.

Eating for a Cause

The Cabbage Shed will be collecting to donations to go towards promoting and supporting the Elberta Farmers Market the day of the event. Elberta Farmers Market features vendors that have grown and produced their own products in our five adjoining counties of Benzie, Grand Traverse, Leelanau, Manistee, and Wexford.  Each week local farmers and artisans offer seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, maple syrup, honey, breads, granola, treats, teas, salves, soaps and more.  The Elberta Farmers Market is located at the Elberta Penfolds Park every Thursday 8am – 12pm. (

“This is a show you do not want to miss! This is our 4th year of this event and more and more people are setting the date to come and watch or even compete,” explains Tony Roethler, Cabbage Shed general manager.  “Our family has always loved the hot dog eating competition on the 4th of July but what about cabbage?  Cabbage can get a bad rap, and we are just trying to remind everyone to eat their veggies.  We also get to help raise money for our amazing local farmers market and support those families and community businesses. It’s a family fun even perfect for the 4th of July events.”

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