Shedhead Music

July       2021

Thursday, July 8th

Open Mic Night

7pm - 9pm

Friday, July 9th

Adam Labeaux

6pm - 9pm

Saturday, July 10th 

Kaylyn Pace

6pm - 9pm

Sunday, July 11th

Cheryl Wolfram

5pm - 8pm

Thursday, July  15th

Open Mic Night special guest host: Barefoot

7pm - 9pm

Friday,  July  16th 

Nate Dill

6pm - 9pm

Saturday, July  17th

Mike Struwin

6pm - 9pm

Thursday, July 22nd

Open Mic Night

7pm - 9pm

Friday, July 23rd

Ella Shriner

6pm - 9pm

Saturday, July 24th


6pm - 9pm

Thursday, July 29th

Open Mic

7pm - 9pm

Friday, July 30th

Soul Patch

6pm - 9pm

Saturday, July 31st

Kenny Flowers

6pm - 9pm

open mic.JPG



Open Mic Every Thursday 7pm - 9pm

Interested musicians are encouraged

to bring their own microphones. 

Social distance restrictions are in place.


Got Talent?

Email Beth !

We book solo or duo acts for our dinner time slot and bands for our later time slot. 

We welcome all types of music and art to our stage .