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DJ     T.J.       Vinyl by the Bay

Spinning the greatest hits by the bay and 6 feet away

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Artist                                                    Album

A          Al Jarreau                               This Time

             Association                             Greatest Hits

             Air Supply                               Greatest Hits

             ABBA                                      Arrival

             Art Garfunkel                          Breakaway

             Andy Williams                         Moon River and Others

B          Barbra Streisand                    Greatest Hits

             Bruce Springsteen                 Born In The USA

             Bette Midler                            Divine Miss M

             Burt Bacharach                      Greatest Hits

             Bee Gees                               Greatest Hits

             Blondie                                   The Best of Blondie

             Bread                                      Best Of Bread Vol 1

             Byrds                                      The Best of The Byrds

             Billy Joel                                 Geatest Hits Vol 1&2

             Boston                                    Boston

             Blood, Sweat & Tears            Greatest Hits

             Bachman-Turner Overdrive   Not Fragile

             Beatles                                   Magical Mystery Tour

             Beatles                                   The Beatles Again

             Beatles                                   Abby Road

C          Cher                                        Superpack Vol 2

             Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 4 Way Street

             Cars                                        The Cars

             Carole King                             Tapestry

             Cat Stevens                           Greatest Hits

             Captain & Tennile                  Greatest Hits

             Charlie Daniels Band             Million Mile Reflections

             Chuck Mangione                    Feels So Good

             Carly Simon                            The Best of Carley Simon

D          Dionne Warwick                     Greatest Hits Part 1

             Doris Day                                Whatever Will Be Will Be

             Donovan                                 Greatest Hits

             Doors                                      The Doors

             Dire Straits                              Dire Straits

             Dave Clark Five                     Greatest Hits

             Dean Martin                            Everbody Loves Somebody

E           Eric Clapton                            461 Ocean Boulevard

             Emerson, Lake & Pallmer      Emerson, Lake & Palmer

             Elton John                              Greatest Hits

             Elvis                                        You'll Never Walk Alone

             Eagles                                    Their Greatest Hits

             Eddie Arnold                           Cattle Call

F           Frank Sinatra                          The Voice

             Frankie Yankovic                   Greatest Hits

             Fleetwood Mac                       Fleetwood Mac

G          Grand Funk Railroad             E Pluribus Funk

             Gary Puckett                          Gary  Puckett and The Union Gap

             Gordon Lightfoot                    Summertime Dream

H          Herman's Hermits                  I'm Into Something Good

             Heart                                       Heart

             Helen Reddy                          I Am Woman

J           Justin Timberlake                   Man Of The Woods

             Jethro Tull                               A Passion Play

             Jethro Tull                               War Child

             Judy Collins                            Judith

             Judy Collins                            Who Knows Where The Time Goes

             Jim Nabors                             Jim Nabors Sings

             Jefferson Airplane                  Flight Log

             Jim Croce                               Life and Times

             Jim Croce                               I Got A Name

             Jim Croce                               You Don't Mess Around With Jim

K          Kenny Rogers                        Greatest Hits

             KC and the Sunshine Band   KC and the Sunshine Band

             Kris Kristofferson                   The Silver Tongue Devil and I

             Kingston Trio                          Make Way

L           Lionel Richie                           Lionel Richie

             Linda Ronstadt                       Greatest Hits

M          Mamas & Papas                    Deliver

N          Neil Diamond                         Gold

             Natalie Cole                            Don't Look Back

O          Olivia Newton John                If You Love me Let Me Know

             Olivia Newton John                Making A Good Thing Better

             Oak Ridge Boys                     Greatest Hits

P           Peter Frampton                      I'm In You

             Phil Collins                               No Jacket Required

             Pat Benatar                            Precious Time

Q          Quarter Flash                         Quarter Flash

R          Rod Stewart                            A Night On The Town

             Rita Coolidge                         Love Me Again

             Robert Johnson                     The Complete Recordings

             Rolling Stones                        Same Girls

S           Statler Brothers                      The Best of The Statler Bros

             Seekers                                  The Best of The Seekers

             Stevie Wonder                       Talking Book

             Simon & Garfunkel                Greatest Hits

             Sergio Mendes                       Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66

             Seals & Crofts                        Greatest Hits

             Steppenwolf                           At Your Birthday Party

             Sly and the Family Stone      Fresh

T-Z       Tommy James & Shondells  Best Of

             Tears for Fears                      Songs From The Big Chair

             Tony Bennett                          Greatest Hits

             Three Dog Night                     Greatest Hits

             U2                                           The Joshua Tree

             Uriah Heap                             Salisbury

             Wille Nelson                           Greatest Hits

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